Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get a refund?
A. Refunds are not permitted once an order has been placed.

Q. Can I postpone my lunch and will there be a fee?
A. Yes, please make your request to Whats app at 9238 5905. Our team will respond to your message after the adjustment is made. There will not be any additional charges if it is within two working days in advance. Limit once per week.

Q. Can I request my address/meal package?
A. There will be an administration fee of $25 ($26.75 after GST) to make the adjustments in our system for your ongoing order.

Q. Can I set a delivery time?
A. We are unable to fix a delivery time for you as our delivery route varies everyday and seek for your understanding. Our delivery timing are as follows; Lunch 0930-1330, Dinner 1530-1930.

Q. Can I buy a 1 day/5 day bundle instead?
A. Sorry! Our packages are tailored for 10,20 and 30days meal plans.

Q. Can I request no weekend or holiday delivery?
A. Yes, but even though we deliver 365 days, you may request to schedule from Monday through Friday. We will deliver every week until your meal package has been fully received. For Public Holidays, please fill in your desired weekday in the ‘Order Notes' section on the checkout page, or you can Whatsapp us at 9238 5905 to request for a reschedule of your meal.

Q. Can I request delivery only 3 or 4 days a week? Will  the price be same for it?
A. Yes, you can choose Monday, Wednesday, or Friday for weekly deliveries. The prices will stay the same!

Q. Can I get more veggies, soup, or rice?
A.Our portion for all our meal packages are fixed. Therefore, we may not be able to accommodate extra serving.

Q. Can I request a special dinner note?
A. Yes, please state ‘No Spicy, No Seafood' on the 'Order Notes' at the checkout page. Please note that special request will apply to the entire meal package, not just one.

Q. Can I request a vegetarian menu?
A. Our menu is pre-set, thus we wont be able to accommodate the request.

Q. How do I request to use our own containers?
A. We pack our food in single-use microwaveable containers for hygiene purposes.

Q. Can I request individually packing?
A. Yes, you will need to indicate on the ‘Order Notes’ at the check-out page for ‘individually packing’.

Q. Can I get food even if no one is home?
A. Yes, if no one is home, our driver will leave the food at your door.
Customers that chose ‘Condo – Guard House' will have their dinner left at the guardhouse. Please do inform the guard that we will be delivering your meal to them.

Q. Can I eat the food later?
A. We normally advise consumers to eat the dish once you have received it. Or you could refrigerate and reheat the food before eating it.

Q. Can I make changes to my order after it has been shipped?
A. Yes, please whatsapp us at 9238 5905 with any changes or special requirements, and we will respond within 2 working days.

Q. How do I order?
A. You can make a order with us at  at
After completing the order form, you can pay via credit card.

Q. When will my order be confirmed?
A. You should receive an email confirmation from our team within 1-2 working days. If it's not in your main inbox, check your spam folder. If you dont receive any email from our team, please do whatsapp us at 9238 5905.

Q.Why is my food different from the one shown in the menu?
A.The menu of the day may change depending on the availability of ingredients, kitchen equipment or any unforeseen circumstances.

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