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Our MOM Slogan: "吃饱没” “Jiak Ba Buay” Is A Common Greeting In Singapore!!

Because I live in an elderly neighborhood, I appreciate the seniors folks "Jiak ba buay." Although it is a standard Singaporean greeting, it has a special meaning for me. The reminisce childhood memories of neighbors knocking on her wooden door is something that will always stays in the deepest of hearts. 
A common greeting among aunts and uncles in Singapore is "吃饱没" "Jiak ba buay" and in Chinese households. Sharing foods is the best communication among neighbours. As the saying goes. "Let's  jiak!"

Healthy Tingkat is a Singapore-based company that provides healthy and delicious home-cooked meals. We hope to bring families closer together. Healthy Tingkat makes it so that your hectic schedule is no longer an reason for missing out on delicious home-cooked meals. We will provide you in overcoming your cravings for "mummy's cooking" even if you are a mile away from home." 

We differ from other tingkat service providers due to the following characteristics:

  • No MSG
  • Canola oil is used in all of the cooking: Oil that is both healthy and cholesterol-friendly
  • Food that is fresh, nutritional and tasty. All our food are thoughtfully prepare

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Home-cooked meal served by our Chef who has more than 30 years of culinary experience. That is both delicious and Tasty.

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